Jul 9, 2019hightech
Teachings of a Samurai Engineer 2: Various Considerations on Numerical Calculations

In my last column, I said that depending on the circumstances, it is possible that an error may be produced when calculating a total, for example in an accounting system. Let’s explore such a situation in more detail.

Jun 27, 2019hightech
Japan's Career Market - Python

Python use is growing worldwide, and with a recent dramatic rise here as well, Japan is no different.

Jun 25, 2019hightech
The Sharing Economy Gaining Attention in Japan

Why is sharing a hot topic?

The term “sharing economy,” referring to services in which you can lend and borrow things, comes up a lot lately.

Jun 24, 2019hightech
Teachings of a Samurai Engineer 1: Greetings and a Declaration on Programming Stance

I’m Michiaki Furusho. I often use the handle “gallu” on the Web.

Jun 21, 2019hightech
Becoming a Successful Programmer in Japan

My name is Tadashi Yoshimasa. I have a wide range of experience, including helping to establish Japanese certification tests for things like Linux, XML, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python and more. I have lead industry groups involved in OSS business activities.

Jun 20, 2019hightech
Four Business Models for Doing Business with OSS

There are various debates about business models for Open Source Software; here, I have grouped them into the following four categories.
(1) Distribution Model
(2) System Integration Model
(3) Service Model
(4) Other

Jun 17, 2019hightech
The History of OSS in Japan

This article introduces how the utilization of open-source software, or OSS, has advanced in Japan, while giving a brief overview of the history of OSS itself.

It’s very difficult to determine exactly when OSS first appeared, but in so far as its use in enterprises is concerned, the creation of Linux makes a good starting point, so we’ll start from there.

Jun 16, 2019hightech
Sustainable Development of OSS

When using open-source software (OSS), have you ever stopped to wonder about who developed it?

In 2011, Marc Andreessen used the phrase “software is eating the world” in a column to describe the way that all industries would digitize, and all businesses would become software businesses.

Jun 15, 2019hightech
The Spread of Python in Japan

Python is a globally popular programming language used for various purposes such as web development and data analysis. In recent years, it has been gaining more popularity in Japan; if you go to any large bookstore, you can easily find more than 20 books on it in the introductory manual section alone.