Jun 15, 2019life
Day-to-day drinks in Japan

Before I start this article, I should probably point out that no, the title isn't talking about alcohol; I would be surprised if other articles didn't cover it, though. Today, we're going into all the more ordinary drinks that you can get just about anywhere in Japan

Jun 14, 2019life
Public Transport in Japan

About two weeks ago, a bus I was going to take was (thanks to traffic) about ten minutes late, which meant I had to jog a bit to catch a train that was, by the way, right on time itself. It shocked me at the time because in my twenty-seven years here

Jun 13, 2019life
Volunteering In Japan

Moving to and living in a new country can be a truly daunting experience. It can be stressful, it can be exhausting, and it can be lonely. Many people struggle with ways to overcome the many barriers to becoming part of their new society. I know I did.

Jun 12, 2019life
Commuting and manners on Japanese trains

Here is some examples of what is perceived as appropriate or inappropriate deportment in Japan. With the exception of a few misdeeds, the Japanese have very similar values to the West when it comes to decent comportment on public transportation. However, some behaviour might be taken more seriously and could trigger some dirty looks on the train.

Jun 11, 2019life
The popularity of share houses in Japan

The convenience of share houses:

When most new comers to Japan might think of renting an apartment, the country in fact offers more than one option when it comes to living spaces. Share houses are most certainly a very popular choice for young people freshly arrived in the country or a new city.

Jun 10, 2019life
What’s That Noise?
Japan, a nation of green mountains, clean flowing streams...and sound. When I first came to this country, I was shocked at the huge variety of sound around me. Announcements, jingles, alarms, notifications—noise everywhere.
Jun 9, 2019life
The Case for the Kominka: Part 1

It’s no secret (since I use it as an excuse every other article) that I’m not from the same environment as many of the people either reading or writing this. Japan’s population trends very heavily urban, and its foreign population especially so.