Jun 1, 2020life
Finding a Pastime in Japan: Four Popular Traditional Hobbies

Hobbies are important. They help to take your mind off the more stressful aspects of life (like work) and they can also give life a rich sense of purpose and achievement.

May 4, 2020life
Striking out on your own in Japan: freelancing for the complete novice

The best way to begin freelancing in Japan is to just start doing whatever it is you do — as long as this is allowed under your visa.

Apr 3, 2020life
Disaster Preparedness in Japan

It is an unfortunate reality that Japan is particularly vulnerable to natural disasters.

Mar 16, 2020life
'Motsu-nabe', a classic winter dish for engineers
Have you ever tried motsu-nabe (lit. ’organ pot’)? It’s a bit of a Japanese favourite. I think it’s surprisingly little-known outside Japan, so I’m going to introduce it today. Motsu-nabe...
Feb 28, 2020life
Have fun with your own 3D character in VRoid!

When I was a child, we’d often play by drawing our own characters on paper. None of the heroes and villains we drew were really any good, since we were all children, but I had quite a lot of fun like that back in the day.
Have you had any experiences like this?

Feb 7, 2020life
Living and Expenses in Tokyo

In Japan, the Kanto region attracts the vast majority of people on account of the plentiful jobs and the convenience of living in one of the world’s most dynamic and modern cities. However, despite Tokyo’s huge size, newcomers may need to think small when choosing where to live.

Jan 10, 2020life
The Japanese Postal System

In this article we are going to look at Japan’s postal system and introduce some key post office vocabulary. There are around 24,000 post offices in Japan, which are operated by the Japan Post company (called 日本郵便 or Nippon Yūbin in Japanese).

Dec 27, 2019life
Healthcare in Japan
Medical care in Japan is generally very reliable, efficient, and affordable. In this article we will look at the key points you need to know to access appropriate healthcare in...
Dec 12, 2019life
Using Sumally Pocket to free yourself from possessions

Do you ever worry about having too many things you don’t need in your house? For example, clothes.