Feb 15, 2021life
How to Eat Cheap & Healthy Food in Japan

Here are our hot tips for cheap but healthy eating in Japan.

Jan 5, 2021life
Good coffee for good engineers

Among engineers, there are probably many people who haven’t really left home in a few months. Particularly in US IT work, there have been moves to reduce the amount of required in-person attendance, shrink offices, and focus on remote work.

Dec 21, 2020life
Akihabara exploration series - Meeting the maids in a maid cafe
'Welcome, master!' As you've probably heard, Japan has cafes where maids will talk to and wait on you. This time, I'll be writing a series on exploring Akihabara. The first...
Dec 15, 2020life
Only in Japan: One-of-a-Kind Quirk

If you’re new to Japan, there are many quirks and unique experiences here that might be surprising to a first-timer. One of the reasons for this is that Japan is, yes, very different from a lot of other countries. Another, for western visitors, is that it might be your first time in a wildly different culture.

Nov 6, 2020life
Nightlife in Japan

Especially in the big cities a night out is common after work on any day of the week and not restricted to the weekend. In this article we will introduce your main nightlife options in Japan, including the best locations for food, drink, song, and dance.

Oct 13, 2020life
How to Stay Fit in Japan

Living abroad is exciting, but inevitably adapting to a new culture and language has its own stresses and strains. One of the best ways to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing is to get regular exercise, and of course your diet is important too.

Sep 2, 2020life
Top Reasons to Move to Japan
I know what you’re thinking, this kind of article is supposed to have a number in the title: Five reasons, ten reasons, something like that. Well, this time, the number...
Jul 14, 2020life
International money transfers and Japan: A short primer

Getting money into and out of Japan has never been easy. Since about two years ago, it’s been much harder. Banks everywhere have taken a policy of vetting every transfer — and the person and account making it — extremely carefully.

Jun 1, 2020life
Finding a Pastime in Japan: Four Popular Traditional Hobbies

Hobbies are important. They help to take your mind off the more stressful aspects of life (like work) and they can also give life a rich sense of purpose and achievement.