Sep 20, 2019life
FinTech, and the payment services that might solve Japan’s cash-only problem

Do you prefer to pay with cash? Or do you prefer go cashless?
I’m in the latter camp.
Which is to say, I don’t feel that there’s much merit in using cash.

Sep 6, 2019life
The Hundred Yen Store: Everything You Need (And Some Things You Don't)

Sometimes (as is a bit of a theme with some of my articles), you're on a budget because – for example – you just moved to another country and you're only starting to settle in.

Aug 15, 2019life
The Case for the Kominka: Part 4

Welcome back to The Case for the Kominka. In this part, we'll be going further into the many distinguishing features of old-fashioned Japanese houses, starting with some of their unique rooms.

Aug 2, 2019life
Japanese Social Taboos – Part 2

This is the second part of our list of common Japanese social taboos that you should avoid when you visit Japan.

Jul 26, 2019life
A service selling second-hand books with a ‘perspective-based’ value


In Japan today, brick-and-mortar bookstores are on the verge of disappearing. The reason can be found on the internet.

Jul 25, 2019life
Japanese convenience stores: the ultimate in “benri’!

Over 90% of Japan’s population is squeezed into urban areas. This means that the vast majority of Japanese people are large town or city dwellers, and only a small percentage know what it’s like to live in the countryside or remote areas.

Jul 19, 2019life
Japanese Social Taboos – Part 1

Every culture has its own unique system of etiquette. What might seem like common sense in one culture may seem strange or taboo in another.

Jul 18, 2019life
The Case for the Kominka: Part 3

In the last few parts, I talked about the Japanese countryside. Now, we’re going to start on the Kominka itself; something I’m just using for brevity, since the word more or less means a minka (a standalone house for ordinary people rather than a manor or some sort of communal mass-housing) that is old.

Jul 9, 2019life
Showroom: The live-performance sharing app Japanese young people love!

Hi there!
I think most people these days know and use video streaming services like YouTube, right?
What about live performance streams, though?