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Ojiya: beautiful any time of the year Photo of Ojiya, Niigata

Ojiya (小千谷/おぢや) is a bit of a special city to me. Even before I lived anywhere in the same prefecture, it was a family destination for several trips. A few years later, living a couple hours away, I felt enough of a connection to race there to help once it was hit by quakes; I […]

Welcome to Itoigawa: Part 2 Welcome to Itoigawa: Part 1

Last time, we stopped our tour of Itoigawa at the coast, with fireworks, islands, piles of seafood, and the biggest mochi mortar in the country (probably because the rest of the country quite sensibly decided not to compete, but you never know).

Welcome to Itoigawa: Part 1 Welcome to Itoigawa: Part 2

The Japanese countryside is full of hidden gems, something that’s frustrated me since I was roughly twelve years old (I was a very strange child).