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Top Apps for Studying Japanese Best apps to learn Japanese image

In this article we introduce some of the best smartphone apps for studying Japanese vocabulary, grammar, reading, and kanji.

How to Prepare for the JLPT Prepare for JLPT

Despite its critics, and some alternatives, the JLPT is still a major milestone for most Japanese learners.

Self-Study: The First Step Self-Study: The First Step

Having readied yourself mentally and emotionally for getting started on self-learning, it’s time to get to the actual learning part of your journey. Here we’ll take a look at real, useful things you can to get started.

Self Study: Selecting Materials The various learning materials you can use

In another article, we went over goal setting and putting together a plan.This time, we should look at all the various learning materials you can use, and maybe choosing some that will work for you. This is where it gets really dizzying.

Japanese Self Study: Mental Foundation Learning new language

When you’re learning on your own The single biggest improvement to your quality of life in Japan will be learning Japanese. This cannot be overstated. Yes, you can get by in major cities without it, but the more Japanese you learn the better your life will be.