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International money transfers and Japan: A short primer Money transfer from Japan image

Getting money into and out of Japan has never been easy. Since about two years ago, it’s been much harder. Banks everywhere have taken a policy of vetting every transfer — and the person and account making it — extremely carefully.

The Ultimate Guide to Meeting People in Japan Photo for Making Friends in Japan

So, you’ve moved to a new country. You’ve found a job, an apartment, and a language teacher. You are on track… But is that all there is? What about having fun? What about dealing with stress of adjusting to all this huge life changes?

Tips on Sorting Your Trash in Japan Image for Tips on Sorting Your Trash in Japan

Although rules for trash and garbage disposal can vary across Japan depending on the prefecture or locality, generally speaking, domestic trash is separated into burnable and non-burnable waste.

Another’s Treasure: Second-Hand Goods in Japan Another's Treasure: Second-Hand Goods in Japan

When I was growing up (and I should mention this was in a fairly large city, nothing like where I am now), every family raced to get the best and newest of everything. Not having the latest of just about anything you could name was seen as embarrassing. Alongside this, though, they also had very […]