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Introduction to Online Gaming in Japan Online gaming in Japan illustration

In many ways, where the internet is concerned, Japan is an unusual country — not least because its adoption of the internet on a wider scale was relatively late, given the rarity (until quite recently) of home PC use. To this day, online activity maintains a phones-first attitude (and sometimes consoles, when it comes up). […]

Ducks, Runes, and Tired Wizards: Tabletop’s Legacy in Japanese Video Games Dungeons and dragons tabletop image

Before video games, there were tabletop roleplaying games. Before that, there were ‘wargames’, board games based on strategic combat, sort of like a very distant ancestor of modern X-COM, or any game with ‘tactics’ in the name. Before that, people were very bored but didn’t really have the time to do much about it. For […]