Feb 18, 2021work
Advice for the First Day at Work

So you just got a new job. Congratulations! The bad news is that you now go to work. I know, I'm not a fan either; really wish someone warned me that this would happen. Worse, there's going to be a first time you go to work, and people are going to expect a lot of things from this. You would think that now that you have the job, you don't have to worry about impressions, but apparently that's not how it works. So, here's a short crash course on what's expected.

Jan 25, 2021work
Working for a Japanese IT company - Interview

We have asked Sergei about life as a programmer in Ukraine, in general, and also he shared with us what is his job like, and how it is to work for a Japanese company.

Dec 28, 2020work
Top Tips for Online Interviews

Online interviews, whether by Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts or other platforms, are becoming more common, especially in these days of Covid-19. Here are 12 tips to help you excel in an online video interview and get that dream job in Japan.

Dec 7, 2020work
How to Prepare for a Japanese Job Interview: Polite Language #2

In this article we will look at Japanese honorific language, called keigo (敬語), and suggest how you might use it in the course of an interview.

Nov 11, 2020work
Working From Home: Is It For You?
Working from home is an idea that’s received a lot of attention lately, for school and for jobs. As someone who’s always done this, I mostly hope it sticks for...
Nov 4, 2020work
Becoming a Freelancer in Japan #3 - Finding Freelance Clients in Japan

We have come to perhaps the most challenging part of becoming a freelancer in Japan: how to find freelance clients. So far we have looked at straightforward logistical problems that include universals.

Sep 21, 2020work
A Guide to Work from Home for Beginners

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a major shift in working patterns, and many more people are working from home than before. As someone who has been doing this for over five years now, I’d like to offer some tips to those just settling into their new home office.

Sep 4, 2020work
Interview with Rina from Indonesia on life and work in Japan

Hello, I’m Rina from Bogor, Indonesia.

I majored in Computer Science but since I was a kid I always have interest in Japan. Probably it started in high school, where we had Japanese language class for 1 year. I was good at it, and I wanted to learn more. Since then, I learn the language by myself as a hobby. After passed the JLPT N4 I was thinking to level up my Japanese language skill, hence, I joined a language school in Jakarta while working in an IT solution company as a System Developer.

Aug 13, 2020work
How to Prepare for a Japanese Job Interview: Typical Questions - Part 2
This is the second part of our guide to common Japanese interview questions, in which we provide some pointers and suggestions to help your prepare your answers. In Part 2...