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How to Prepare for a Japanese Job Interview: Typical Questions – Part 2 Japanese job interview image

This is the second part of our guide to common Japanese interview questions, in which we provide some pointers and suggestions to help your prepare your answers. In Part 2 we will look at some awkward questions that can be tricky to answer, and also some questions that you might want to ask. 8. 残業や休日出勤はできますか […]

Mind Your Manners! The Correct Etiquette for Japanese Job Interviews Etiquette guide for Japanese interview photo

If you have been offered a mensetsu (面接, interview) with a Japanese company, it is important that you prepare yourself in advance for the Japanese interview style. Interview etiquette is strictly regulated in Japan, with a set pattern of things you should and should not do. In this article, we offer tips for each stage […]