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Sake Regional Variation Japanese local sake image

Sake is not wine, nor is it beer. It is its own thing. However, there are some ways in which these drinks, each with its own long history, are quite similar. One way is how sake has developed a certain characteristic for the various regions in which it’s made. Many people, inside the sake world […]

Reading Sake Labels – Fundamentals Reading Sake Labels - Fundamentals

Sake labels are often beautiful but can be daunting on first look. They are usually centered around ornate calligraphy, with complex, arcane descriptions that require a certain background to contextualize.

Beyond the Big D: More great sakes from Yamaguchi Prefecture Shintani Shuzo

When people think of sake regions, Yamaguchi is usually not the first to spring to mind. It doesn’t have the overwhelming history of the Nada region, the popular style of Niigata prefecture, or the incredible number of awards of Fukushima to help it stand out.