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Mind Your Manners! The Correct Etiquette for Japanese Job Interviews Etiquette guide for Japanese interview photo

If you have been offered a mensetsu (面接, interview) with a Japanese company, it is important that you prepare yourself in advance for the Japanese interview style. Interview etiquette is strictly regulated in Japan, with a set pattern of things you should and should not do. In this article, we offer tips for each stage […]

Anastasia, a civil engineer working in Japan Photo of Anastasia, working and living in Tokyo

From time to time, we ask expat engineers about their experience in working and living in Japan. This time Anastasia, a civil engineer from Russia, tells why she decided on moving here and how is it to live and work in Japan.

The Japanese approach to the job market Photo for the Japanese approach to the job market

In Western countries, when we are children, teenagers and then university students we are continuously asked what job we want to do once we graduate. There is always this pressure to give an answer without which we could come across as lost and indecisive. This is why we learn from a very young age to […]