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Japanese Social Taboos – Part 1 Japanese Social Taboos – Part 1

Every culture has its own unique system of etiquette. What might seem like common sense in one culture may seem strange or taboo in another.

Business Etiquette: Being a Good Visitor Business Etiquette

Working in Japan can require becoming part of a very particular society, with rules and customs that differ from Japan at large. For non-Japanese workers these are often less stringent, and many times we are shown some leniency for behavior that would be considered intolerably rude coming from our Japanese co-workers.

Commuting and manners on Japanese trains Japanese public transportation.

Here is some examples of what is perceived as appropriate or inappropriate deportment in Japan. With the exception of a few misdeeds, the Japanese have very similar values to the West when it comes to decent comportment on public transportation. However, some behaviour might be taken more seriously and could trigger some dirty looks on […]