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Quirks of Japanese: Contractions and Abbreviations Japanese abbreviations and contractions image

Welcome to a new series, where I’ll be walking you through some of the stranger twists and turns of the Japanese language. As languages go, it’s probably the most reasonable one I speak (certainly makes more sense than English), but it’s different enough from most other languages that there are still lots of things to […]

Getting Past the Intermediate Plateau Getting Past the Intermediate Plateau

It happens to so many. You get started learning a language and those first few months feel like a rocket taking off. The jump from zero to anything feels like pure success—where once Japanese looked like a mysterious jumble of signs and pictograms, you start to make sense of it.

Learning Japanese: Easier and Harder Than You Think – part 1 Photo for learning Japanese

Learning a new language is never easy, even with languages as similar as (for example) English and Spanish. Between having nothing in common, and the sheer popularity of picking it up, a lot of strange mystique has wrapped itself around the idea of learning Japanese, often leaving people thinking

Learning Japanese: Easier and Harder Than You Think – Part 2 Learning Japanese

Last time, we went over some of the most common supposed stumbling blocks to learning Japanese: Structure, kanji, and all the people telling you that it just can’t be done, as well as how to deal with it. In this article, we’ll be following up with a few last tips to get you started.