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Introduction to Monitoring with Zabbix #5 – Actions Zabbix actions illustration

In the last column, we saw how triggers can be used to distinguish between normal states and problem states based on item values. Now let’s look at how to define actions that perform tasks when they receive events generated by triggers. Action functions In Zabbix, an action function is a function that performs a process […]

Introduction to Monitoring with Zabbix #1 – Overview Software performance monitoring image

Beginning with this column, I’d like to introduce Zabbix, a consolidated monitoring system. About Zabbix Zabbix is a monitoring tool developed by Zabbix SIA of Latvia. It is used in many countries and in a variety of industries. In Japan, Zabbix Japan LLC and the Japanese Zabbix Community are also active. Use of this monitoring […]

Four Business Models for Doing Business with OSS Business models for OSS

There are various debates about business models for Open Source Software; here, I have grouped them into the following four categories.(1) Distribution Model(2) System Integration Model(3) Service Model(4) Other

The History of OSS in Japan Image for the Open Source Software's history in Japan

This article introduces how the utilization of open-source software, or OSS, has advanced in Japan, while giving a brief overview of the history of OSS itself. It’s very difficult to determine exactly when OSS first appeared, but in so far as its use in enterprises is concerned, the creation of Linux makes a good starting […]