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Teaching of a Samurai Engineer 10: Output control functions, part 1 PHP output functions image

This time, we’ll be looking at the various functions relating to output control (the ob_* functions). First, let’s look at the common use case. First, by far the most common use is probably to work against the messages ‘Warning: session_start (): Cannot start session when headers already sent in’ and ‘Warning: Cannot modify header information […]

Teachings of a Samurai Engineer 7: Cookies and sessions, part 1 Image for cookies and sessions

This time, I’d like to talk a bit about cookies and sessions, two functions that look quite similar at a glance. First, let’s go over the basics on HTTP communication. HTTP’s most simple form is HTTP/0.9, so let’s start there. To break it down to its basics: A simple request is made A simple response […]