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Oden – Japan’s heart-warming winter hotpot Oden winter food of Japan image

Oden is a traditional hotpot dish served in autumn and winter consisting of varied ingredients stewed in a light soy-based dashi broth. The actual ingredients consist of some essential items such as boiled egg, thick slices of daikon radish, jellied konnyaku, deep fried atsu-age tofu, and tube-shaped chikuwa fish cakes, and also some other items […]

Dining in Kyoto: A Short Guide to the Best of Kyō-ryōri – Part 2 Image for eating out in the best places of Kyoto

This is the second part of our introduction to the main elements of Kyō-ryōri; the traditional cuisine of Kyoto, and the best Kyō-ryōri restaurants. In Part 1, we looked at some key ingredients such as tofu, fu, and fish. In Part 2 we will look briefly at matcha sweets, before examining some of the main […]

Love it or Hate it: The Story of Natto Love it or Hate it: The Story of Natto

Natto is a unique Japanese food which is made from fermented soybeans. At some point, if you visit Japan, you will encounter natto, and it is best to be prepared in advance so as not to be overwhelmed by its special qualities.

The Origins of Japanese Icons: Part 1 The Origins of Japanese Icons: Part 1

Like most countries, Japan has quite a few things (including, in this case, its fairly unusual language) that a lot of people immediately associate with it, both in Japan and abroad.