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How to Live in Japan on a Budget Money saving tips

Today, we’ll be looking at some tips on how to save money in Japan. Part of this has to do with cost of living staying more or less the same while a lot of people have less work than before, but really, it’s useful to know anyway.

International money transfers and Japan: A short primer Money transfer from Japan image

Getting money into and out of Japan has never been easy. Since about two years ago, it’s been much harder. Banks everywhere have taken a policy of vetting every transfer — and the person and account making it — extremely carefully.

Living and Expenses in Tokyo Living expenses Tokyo illustration

In Japan, the Kanto region attracts the vast majority of people on account of the plentiful jobs and the convenience of living in one of the world’s most dynamic and modern cities. However, despite Tokyo’s huge size, newcomers may need to think small when choosing where to live.

The must-knows about hanko Hanko Inkan picutre

In many western countries people use signatures when validating documents. However, in Japan people often use personal seals to the same effect. These seals are called はんこ hanko or 印章 insho.

Healthcare in Japan Image for healthcare system in Japan

Medical care in Japan is generally very reliable, efficient, and affordable. In this article we will look at the key points you need to know to access appropriate healthcare in Japan. Health Insurance If you are resident in Japan for longer than 3 months then you are legally required to register into one of two […]

The Ultimate Guide to Meeting People in Japan Photo for Making Friends in Japan

So, you’ve moved to a new country. You’ve found a job, an apartment, and a language teacher. You are on track… But is that all there is? What about having fun? What about dealing with stress of adjusting to all this huge life changes?

The Cost of Living in Japan Cost of Living Japan image

Nobody’s ever asked me if it’s expensive to live in Japan, or to visit, but only because they’re too sure to ask any questions. Instead, people tell me that being in Japan at all is much too expensive, more than most of the world by far, and that it’s one of the things ruling out […]

Tips on Sorting Your Trash in Japan Image for Tips on Sorting Your Trash in Japan

Although rules for trash and garbage disposal can vary across Japan depending on the prefecture or locality, generally speaking, domestic trash is separated into burnable and non-burnable waste.