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Traveling in Japan: A Few Useful Aids Traveling in Japan: A Few Useful Aids

Sooner or later, you will want to travel, and hit the limit of what a few online articles can tell you; doubly so when most of mine, at least, is just telling you about all sorts of nice places that you should definitely go to some time

Travelling, Japanese style Travelling, Japanese style

Following numerous conversations with Japanese people, I could not help but notice they have an every different way of travelling and more particularly compared with Europeans. Naturally, everyone is familiar with the long hours they work and the very little time off they get.

Travelling in Japan – The different modes of transport available Shinkansen (bullet train)

After going on numerous trips across Japan, I realised that this country had way too many places to visit and that required time and financial means if you wanted to cover them all. I have also tried the different modes of transportation as Japan offers various options to choose from based on your budget and […]