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From Spain to Japan: Honing His IT Skills in the Land of His Dreams Jose works in IT in Japan

Jose moved from his home country Spain to Japan in July 2018 with his wife and is now engaged in cutting edge IT research and development for a Japanese IT company.We interviewed Jose, who spoke of his desire to live in Japan and work with the latest Japanese IT technology, and of how he studied […]

Anastasia, a civil engineer working in Japan Photo of Anastasia, working and living in Tokyo

From time to time, we ask expat engineers about their experience in working and living in Japan. This time Anastasia, a civil engineer from Russia, tells why she decided on moving here and how is it to live and work in Japan.

Nivi from India ~challenging myself in my dream country, Japan~ photo of Nivi, a developer working in Japan

Today we introduce Nivi, an IT engineer from India. Interested in Japanese TV dramas and culture, it was Nivi’s dream to work in Japan. After lots of hard work and challenges, she realized her dream of working as an IT engineer in Japan, the country she so admired. Now, after having fulfilled this dream, Nivi […]

Ice from Thailand ~from exchange student to full-stack engineer in Japan~ Ice from Thailand

This article introduces Ice, an IT engineer from Thailand. In recent years, Thailand’s IT development has progressed rapidly, and it’s seen as the leading nation in Wi-Fi usage in Southeast Asia. There are unlimited 4G SIMs available for 500 baht (about 1,800 Japanese yen) per month, making for an environment in which it’s easy to […]