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All About the Python 3 Certified Data Analyst Examination Python exam

Hello, Yoshimasa here. In my last column, I offered an intro to the Python 3 Certified Engineer Basic Examination that I and my colleagues administer. I also discussed the Zen of Python, which serves as a basic style guide for coding in Python, and the pythonic philosophy.

Python Jobs Increasing Despite the Pandemic Python programming language

Hello, Yoshimasa here. Python demand continues to grow globally. The language was first released over twenty years ago, and ever since engineers have been using it worldwide, helping to increase the number of available libraries and adding to its ease of use and productivity. At the same time, there is a sense that Japan lagged […]

Japan’s Largest International Python Conference 2020 PyConjP 2020 conference

Hello, Yoshimasa here. My colleagues and I run Python Engineer Development Co., Ltd. which administers the Python Certified Engineer Basic Examination (the Python Exam). PyCon JP, Japan’s largest international Python conference, happened at the end of August, and we joined as Gold Sponsors. We offered an online booth and gave four mini presentations there.

For Those Wanting to Work in Japan: Learn Tech in Japanese! Python Edition: Part 2 Learn Python language in Japanese

Python is quite popular in Japan, as it probably is overseas, as well. The Python Engineer Certification Exam I sponsor has been taken by over 10,000 students in its three years. Such high numbers were previously unheard of for a non-governmental IT exam. And, as the chart below shows, Python related job recruitment numbers increased […]

For Those Wanting to Work in Japan: Learn Tech in Japanese! Python Edition Learn Python language in Japanese

Japan’s efforts to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic have lead to a big increase in free education websites. Try searching the web for the terms “Python 無料 学習” (muryou gakushuu — free education), and you’ll see you’ll get a huge number of hits. These sites can allow you to study while you’re still overseas, so […]

PyConJP 2019 Exhibit Report Photo for PyConJP 2019

My name is Tadashi Yoshimasa. PyConJP 2019, Japan’s largest international Python conference, was held recently in Tokyo.