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Getting Work Teaching English in Japan: A guide for the perplexed english teacher in Japan photo

Teaching English in Japan has long been a relatively easy gateway into living and working here. Essentially, anyone whose first language is English and has a college degree has a chance of finding a job with a company that will sponsor a visa, and usually even help find a place to live.

Rirekisho: How to Fill In a Japanese Resume Guide to how to fill your Japanese CV

Unlike many western countries I’m familiar with, the Japanese CV format is almost totally standardized. Naturally, some companies (particularly tech ones) may ask for additional or alternative forms more like the CV or resume you’re familiar with, but understanding the Japanese one is going to be essential for looking for work here.

Demystifying Honne and Tatemae Living and working in Japan and Honne and Tatemae

If you’ve researched living and working in Japan much at all, you’re sure to have come across the terms honne 本音 (true feelings) and tatemae建前 (façade). The terms seem to haunt people’s interactions, with some foreigners describing the concepts as the ultimate barrier to understanding.

The Japanese Office Dress Code Photo for Business dress code in Japan

If you want to make a good impression when you first start working at a company in Japan, then it is important to stick closely to the standard Japanese office dress code. The main rule if you are new to a company is to choose basic and simple designs for your outfit. Though this does […]

The Japanese approach to the job market Photo for the Japanese approach to the job market

In Western countries, when we are children, teenagers and then university students we are continuously asked what job we want to do once we graduate. There is always this pressure to give an answer without which we could come across as lost and indecisive. This is why we learn from a very young age to […]