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Interview with Srikar, AI engineer working in Japan Srikar interview about working in Japan

When we look at Srikar’s story and how he ended up working and living in Japan, it goes back to the adventurous Straw Hat Boy aiming to become the Pirate King. In this interview, Srikar will share with us his journey of moving and living in Japan.

Interview with Rina from Indonesia on life and work in Japan Rina Japan

Hello, I’m Rina from Bogor, Indonesia. I majored in Computer Science but since I was a kid I always have interest in Japan. Probably it started in high school, where we had Japanese language class for 1 year. I was good at it, and I wanted to learn more. Since then, I learn the language […]

From Spain to Japan: Honing His IT Skills in the Land of His Dreams Jose works in IT in Japan

Jose moved from his home country Spain to Japan in July 2018 with his wife and is now engaged in cutting edge IT research and development for a Japanese IT company.We interviewed Jose, who spoke of his desire to live in Japan and work with the latest Japanese IT technology, and of how he studied […]

Anastasia, a civil engineer working in Japan Photo of Anastasia, working and living in Tokyo

From time to time, we ask expat engineers about their experience in working and living in Japan. This time Anastasia, a civil engineer from Russia, tells why she decided on moving here and how is it to live and work in Japan.