A glance into a job fair in Tokyo

Introduction to Methods and Events Useful for Working in Japan

Different countries have different work cultures and career paths as the nations are different from the very basics, such as culture and language.

Different countries have different work cultures and career paths as the nations are different from the very basics, such as culture and language.

This makes it clear, that when you are looking into pursuing your career abroad, you need to learn about the above-mentioned differences. We will cover in a more detailed article about the specifics of finding a job in Japan, but let us introduce you the basics for now.

Job searching sites

With Japan, being more open to foreign employment, the rise of job searching sites are also a trend we can witness. With that being said, it is highly recommended for job seekers to upload their up-to-date CV to the mentioned sites. However, there is a chance to be scouted, but to find your dream job, be ambitious and actively reach out for the employers you are interested to work for. Secondly, with your CV uploaded, do not forget to fill out your profile completely. Lastly, raise your chance by uploading your Japanese resume and fill out the Japanese version of your profile, if there is one.


In Asia, particularly in Japan, LinkedIn has not become as popular as in other parts of the world. Certainly, we can say that using LinkedIn for recruiting purposes is becoming a more common practice.

Mainly among international or larger Japanese corporations but also in the FinTech and startup scene.

On LinkedIn as well, it is advised to have a completely filled out profile with up-to-date and relevant information. LinkedIn is a great tool to build your personal brand, so act up to that. Join professional groups, use it to share knowledge and gain authority in your field and do not skip on networking with the right people.

Recruitment agencies

Fortunately, in recent years it became relatively easy to find recruitment agencies that are specialized in helping foreign job seekers. Finding the right agency with the right consultant can get you the job that matches your qualifications and preferences. Seems relatively easily, but your input gives the base of the cooperation. If you are dedicated and provide your recruiting consultant with the right information on your experience and qualifications, you are good to go.

Job fairs and seminars

Last, but not least, attending job fairs and similar events is far the best way to land your dream job.

There are several kinds of events which aim to help connect job seekers and employers. A job fair is a kind of event, where, by participating you are granted the opportunity to meet several organizations and get information directly. Bringing your CV, copy of your qualifications and other related documents ensures the possibility to submit your application directly, in case you find an opportunity you are interested in.

And now, if you are an IT engineer, let us share with you a great, and more importantly, a free opportunity provided by Japan’s largest job site for global talents, Daijob.com!

Daijob, where all the large corporations of Japan are registered, is the organizer of the Job Fair for bilingual and multilingual talents in Tokyo. The event, held on November 22, is aiming to help foreign programmers, developers, data scientists, in general, IT engineers to meet their future employer! The Daijob Career Fair will host various kind of seminars where participants to listen to foreign engineers telling about their first-hand experience of working in Japan or learn about how to succeed at applying and interviewing at Japanese companies.
Whether you are already living in Japan, now looking for new challenges, or passing by but already thought about working in Japan, take the first step and visit Daijob Career Fair!
Pre-registration is required, please visit the Daijob Career Fair page.

Whichever method of job searching fits you the most, we wish you the best for pursuing your career in Japan!

We are looking forward to seeing you at Daijob Career Fair!

Daijob.com Editor team