Photo for Business dress code in Japan
Dec 5, 2019work
The Japanese Office Dress Code
If you want to make a good impression when you first start working at a company in Japan, then it is important to stick closely to the standard Japanese office...
Photo of Anastasia, working and living in Tokyo
Nov 21, 2019work
Anastasia, a civil engineer working in Japan

From time to time, we ask expat engineers about their experience in working and living in Japan. This time Anastasia, a civil engineer from Russia, tells why she decided on moving here and how is it to live and work in Japan.

Photo for Daijob's Job Fair in Tokyo
Nov 8, 2019work
Introduction to Methods and Events Useful for Working in Japan

Different countries have different work cultures and career paths as the nations are different from the very basics, such as culture and language.

Photo for the Japanese approach to the job market
Nov 7, 2019work
The Japanese approach to the job market
In Western countries, when we are children, teenagers and then university students we are continuously asked what job we want to do once we graduate. There is always this pressure...
Interview with Matthew, a web developer living in Japan
Oct 24, 2019work
Interview with Matthew, a web developer living in Japan

In this part of our miniseries, Matthew, an American web developer tells us about the aspects of living and working in Japan.

Teaching Japanese people
Oct 10, 2019work
Teaching Japanese people

However teaching is an occupation where one supposed teach, but it also serves as an opportunity learn about the mentality of the people you teach.

Drinking with Japanese colleagues phot
Sep 26, 2019work
Drinking with Japanese Coworkers - 6 Basic Rules

Drinking parties with coworkers are called “nomikai” in Japan and they perform a very important social function within the company, reinforcing team spirit, and enabling colleagues to get to know each other in a more relaxed environment.

Kohai/Senpai Relationships
Sep 12, 2019work
An Outsider’s View on Kohai/Senpai Relationships

Anyone who’s watched a bit of anime will have heard of the kohai and senpai relationship, and Japanese culture fans online often automatically think of the “Notice me, senpai!” trope from many a high school anime.

Sep 5, 2019work
Work in Japan: Alya from Malaysia, who dreams of becoming a system consultant.

There are more than 1.46 million foreign workers in Japan.
Why did they decided to leave home for Japan, and how is their working life here?