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Network Devices Industry image
Jan 21, 2020hightech
Trends in Japan's Telecommunications Equipment

Japan’s telecommunications equipment market is structured slightly differently from that of other countries. The Japanese market is unusual in that domestic manufacturers who focus on developing devices specifically for the Japanese market hold a large share.

Image for WordPress trends in Japan
Jan 14, 2020hightech
WordPress Trends in Japan

WordPress’s World Market Share

WordPress has a commanding 70% share in the world CMS (Content Management System) sector.

Cashless payments systems Japan image
Jan 7, 2020hightech
Convenient electronic money cards FeliCa/Suica: Two cashless payment systems spreading in Japan 
In the current article we introduce the most common cashless payment methods available in Japan. Compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay, Suica is recommended Despite the development of ICT,...
Software performance monitoring image
Dec 30, 2019hightech
Introduction to Monitoring with Zabbix #1
Beginning with this column, I’d like to introduce Zabbix, a consolidated monitoring system. About Zabbix Zabbix is a monitoring tool developed by Zabbix SIA of Latvia. It is used in...


Hanko Inkan picutre
Jan 20, 2020work
The must-knows about hanko

In many western countries people use signatures when validating documents.

However, in Japan people often use personal seals to the same effect. These seals are called はんこ hanko or 印章 insho.

Takeaways from working in a Japanese office image
Jan 2, 2020work
Japanese Offices: Things I Have Learned
I was in a unique position in Japanese offices. I worked in offices at three different Japanese companies, but not for them. I was a business skills instructor for several...
Image for formalities in Japan
Dec 19, 2019work
The very formal way of dressing and speaking in a Japanese business

When trying to picture a Japanese city like Tokyo and its inhabitants, one of the first things that comes to mind is a crowd of straight-backed people with stern faces.

Living and working in Japan and Honne and Tatemae
Dec 12, 2019work
Demystifying Honne and Tatemae

If you’ve researched living and working in Japan much at all, you’re sure to have come across the terms honne 本音 (true feelings) and tatemae建前 (façade). The terms seem to haunt people’s interactions, with some foreigners describing the concepts as the ultimate barrier to understanding.


Cost of Living Japan image
Jan 10, 2020life
The Cost of Living in Japan

Nobody’s ever asked me if it’s expensive to live in Japan, or to visit, but only because they’re too sure to ask any questions. Instead, people tell me that being in Japan at all is much too expensive, more than most of the world by far, and that it’s one of the things ruling out living here or visiting.


Japanese listening materials and resources image
Dec 30, 2019study
Tools for Listening Practice
Living and working in Japan will give you plenty of opportunities to hear natural Japanese spoken, but it’s always a good idea to do some focused study work to build...
Study for JLPT image
Dec 16, 2019study
How to Prepare for the JLPT

Despite its critics, and some alternatives, the JLPT is still a major milestone for most Japanese learners.

Speaking on the phone photo
Dec 2, 2019study
Business Japanese: Answering the Phone – Part 2

This is the second part of our step-by-step guide to answering a business phone call in Japanese. In Part 1 we looked at appropriate greetings, how to ask the caller’s name, and how to confirm the caller’s details. In Part 2 we will introduce the language you need to put a caller on hold, how to pass the call on to a colleague, and what you should say if your colleague is unavailable.


Seaweed, the superfood of Japan image
Jan 15, 2020culture
Seaweed, the superfood of Japan

The health benefits of eating seaweed regularly are now well known, but just as the English-speaking world is waking up to them, we are being told that the traditional diet and consumption of seaweed in Japan are “on the decline” as people turn to more “westernized” food.

Dungeons and dragons tabletop image
Dec 24, 2019culture
Ducks, Runes, and Tired Wizards: Tabletop’s Legacy in Japanese Video Games
Before video games, there were tabletop roleplaying games. Before that, there were ‘wargames’, board games based on strategic combat, sort of like a very distant ancestor of modern X-COM, or...
Photo of Japanese shrine
Dec 10, 2019culture
An Introduction to Shrines

If you live in Japan, or you’re just visiting, you’ll probably be visiting a shinto shrine at some point, for any number of reasons (but probably sightseeing). If not, you really should. It’s a chance to see something very different from home, and beautiful as well.

Photo for super-agers
Nov 26, 2019culture
Japanese people, the super-agers

Recently, despite the issues raised by the aging population in many countries, scientists have come up with the optimistic concept of super-agers.


Fukuoka city photo
Jan 22, 2020travel
Kyushu Leg One: Fukuoka, Saga, Oita
Kyushu is off the southwest tip of the main island of Honshu, and is separated from the mainland by the Kanmon Strait, a narrow strip of water you can actually...
Image for eating out in the best places of Kyoto
Jan 8, 2020travel
Dining in Kyoto: A Short Guide to the Best of Kyō-ryōri – Part 2

This is the second part of our introduction to the main elements of Kyō-ryōri; the traditional cuisine of Kyoto, and the best Kyō-ryōri restaurants. In Part 1, we looked at some key ingredients such as tofu, fu, and fish. In Part 2 we will look briefly at matcha sweets, before examining some of the main styles of Kyoto cuisine from homely obanzai side dishes to high-grade kaiseki multi-course meals.

Picture of Bathing Japanese snow monkey
Dec 25, 2019travel
Jigokudani: Monkeys on Ice

Tourism is a funny thing, and recommending it, doubly so: A place’s name can sometimes be all the advertisement it really needs.

Photo of Snow Festival Tokamachi
Dec 11, 2019travel
The Beauty of the Tokamachi Snow Festival

This may come as a surprise to you (it will not, I’ve mentioned it too many times), but it snows a lot where I live.