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Image for Exoskeletons for disabled people
Nov 11, 2019hightech
Helping the Disabled Live an Active Life with Robots & Exoskeletons
One of the many ways Japanese robotics can be a help of society today, is making the life of the elderly and disabled people easier and comfortable.
Photo for Japanese maglev train
Nov 5, 2019hightech
Speeds of 320km/h are easily experienced on the Shinkansen - By 2027 Maglev trains will run at 500km/h!

To Get Around Japan, Let’s Ride the Shinkansen

Flying is of course a convenient way to travel around the many sightseeing areas that are dotted around Japan. However, if a destination can be easily reached by train, then I recommend taking the train as you can more closely experience everyday life.

Image for comnputer security
Oct 29, 2019hightech
Complex password versus long password

Despite the growing awareness of cybersecurity (also referred to as computer security), in fact, many users still do not know enough about strong passwords. We all need strong passwords to protect our most valuable data in case of cyberattacks.

Image for PHP hash functions
Oct 22, 2019hightech
Teachings of a Samurai Engineer 5: Hash Functions and Saving/Comparing Passwords 2/1

In this column, let’s learn about hash functions as a prelude to learning about ways to save and compare passwords.

First, I’ll discuss hashing.


Photo for Daijob's Job Fair in Tokyo
Nov 8, 2019work
Introduction to Methods and Events Useful for Working in Japan

Different countries have different work cultures and career paths as the nations are different from the very basics, such as culture and language.

Photo for the Japanese approach to the job market
Nov 7, 2019work
The Japanese approach to the job market
In Western countries, when we are children, teenagers and then university students we are continuously asked what job we want to do once we graduate. There is always this pressure...
Interview with Matthew, a web developer living in Japan
Oct 24, 2019work
Interview with Matthew, a web developer living in Japan

In this part of our miniseries, Matthew, an American web developer tells us about the aspects of living and working in Japan.

Teaching Japanese people
Oct 10, 2019work
Teaching Japanese people

However teaching is an occupation where one supposed teach, but it also serves as an opportunity learn about the mentality of the people you teach.


Picture for Japan postal system
Nov 15, 2019life
The Japanese Postal System

In this article we are going to look at Japan’s postal system and introduce some key post office vocabulary. There are around 24,000 post offices in Japan, which are operated by the Japan Post company (called 日本郵便 or Nippon Yūbin in Japanese).


How Japanese leaves out the subject in conversation photo
Nov 4, 2019study
How Japanese leaves out the subject in conversation

Japanese conversation has the added benefit of making it difficult to eavesdrop on peoples’ conversations and understand immediately what they’re talking about. Japanese people can listen to a conversation, but without the background knowledge, even they might struggle to work out what it’s about if the speakers are being careful not to mention the subject of their conversation.

Photo for Japanese cushion words used in office
Oct 21, 2019study
Cushion Words: Useful Japanese Expressions for Introducing Awkward Topics

The Japanese language has many useful expressions that can be used to make otherwise awkward topics less blunt. In Japanese these are called クッション言葉 (kusshon kotoba) which literally means "cushion words".

How to make learning Japanese easier, rather than harder
Oct 16, 2019study
How to make learning Japanese easier, rather than harder

In the beginning, most language learners are likely to have just a few hours of regular practice each week and will continue to use the majority language of their home region in daily life, such as for study, work and socializing.


Photo for Japanese Traditional Clothing
Nov 12, 2019culture
Japanese Traditional Clothing – A Short Guide

Dressing up in traditional Japanese clothing can be a lot of fun, and recently renting kimono while sightseeing is very popular. In Japan, traditional clothes are called 和服 (wafuku which literally means "Japanese clothes"), to distinguish them from 洋服 (yōfuku or "Western clothes").

Photo for gift giving traditions in Japan
Oct 29, 2019culture
Gift Giving in Japan

Gift giving is an important social custom in Japan. There are seasonal presents in the summer and winter, gifts given to celebrate special occasions, and souvenirs which are essential after a trip.
Collectively all these forms of gift-giving are called zōtō (贈答), and they represent an important social obligation.
Below is a short guide to common types of gift giving in Japan.

An Introduction to Cultural Property
Oct 15, 2019culture
An Introduction to Cultural Property

Japan is a country with a very long, rich history; in particular, it's one with a history you can see just about all around you. It's very hard to go anywhere without running into the ruins of old castles, or perfectly functioning castles, ancient temples and shrines, 500-year-old streets, and so on.

Savouring TOFU in a myriad of ways
Oct 1, 2019culture
Savouring TOFU in a myriad of ways

There can’t be many people who haven’t heard of TOFU, but I suspect that many of us from outside of Asia haven’t looked into what tofu is made of, and all the myriad ways in which it can be served.


Photo of Kintaikyo bridge, the main landmark of Iwanuki, Yamaguchi
Nov 13, 2019travel
Yamaguchi: The Root of Modern Japan

Found at the southwestern tip of Honshu, Yamaguchi is a largely non-urban prefecture with a relatively small population, that nevertheless has left an enormous mark on the history and politics of Japan. Many of the most influential names in the Meiji Restoration, which ended the rule of the Shogun and kicked off Japan’s explosive modernization, were born and educated in Yamaguchi.

Photo of the beautiful old town of Kurashiki, Okayama
Oct 30, 2019travel
Okayama: Gateway to Chugoku and Shikoku

Okayama is often overshadowed by its much more famous neighbor, Hiroshima, but it has plenty to offer in its own right. In addition to hosting the second largest city in the Chugoku region, Okayama City, it also serves as a primary transport hub connecting the Sanyo Shinkansen line with rail lines going to Shikoku.

Dining in Kyoto: A Short Guide to the Best of Kyō-ryōri – Part 1
Oct 2, 2019travel
Dining in Kyoto: A Short Guide to the Best of Kyō-ryōri – Part 1

Imagine Kyoto and you are likely to think first of its many shrines, temples, and tranquil gardens. However, Kyoto is almost as famous for its food as for its historical sites.

Autumn Leaves and You photo
Sep 18, 2019travel
Autumn Leaves and You

If I wrote this ten years ago, most people outside Japan would have (at least in my experience) been under the impression that spring is the only time to go and look at trees, and even then, just the cherry trees.