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Feb 18, 2020hightech
Teachings of a Samurai Engineer 7: Cookies and sessions, part 1
This time, I’d like to talk a bit about cookies and sessions, two functions that look quite similar at a glance. First, let’s go over the basics on HTTP communication....
Feb 11, 2020hightech
Japan’s manufacturers dominate the world’s top 3 ranking of ultrafast elevators with maximum speeds of 1260m/min!
The world’s top 3 fastest elevators are made in Japan With the ongoing development of construction engineering, more and more high-rise buildings are being built around the world.Such buildings are...
Feb 4, 2020hightech
PHP Conference Japan 2019: A Report from one of Japan's Largest PHP Events

The largest PHP event in Japan, PHP Conference Japan 2019, was held on December 1st, 2019. PHP Conference Japan is actually the world’s first PHP Conference.

Jan 28, 2020hightech
Multi-Factor Authentication and Shared Accounts

The question of combining Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and privileged access control is an important part of the company’s information security.


Feb 13, 2020work
How some companies want to improve the working conditions in Japan

Japan is well-known for its zealous workers and what often comes to mind when referring to its office workers are usually exhausted employees passed out on the train.

Jan 20, 2020work
The must-knows about hanko

In many western countries people use signatures when validating documents.

However, in Japan people often use personal seals to the same effect. These seals are called はんこ hanko or 印章 insho.

Jan 2, 2020work
Japanese Offices: Things I Have Learned
I was in a unique position in Japanese offices. I worked in offices at three different Japanese companies, but not for them. I was a business skills instructor for several...
Dec 19, 2019work
The very formal way of dressing and speaking in a Japanese business

When trying to picture a Japanese city like Tokyo and its inhabitants, one of the first things that comes to mind is a crowd of straight-backed people with stern faces.


Feb 7, 2020life
Living and Expenses in Tokyo

In Japan, the Kanto region attracts the vast majority of people on account of the plentiful jobs and the convenience of living in one of the world’s most dynamic and modern cities. However, despite Tokyo’s huge size, newcomers may need to think small when choosing where to live.


Feb 10, 2020study
Quirks of Japanese: Contractions and Abbreviations

Welcome to a new series, where I’ll be walking you through some of the stranger twists and turns of the Japanese language. As languages go, it’s probably the most reasonable one I speak (certainly makes more sense than English), but it’s different enough from most other languages that there are still lots of things to trip over for a potential student.

Jan 27, 2020study
Language Lessons from Oyaji Gags: the Dad Jokes of Japan

Picture this: a typical Japanese junior high school class is suddenly interrupted by the entrance through an open window of a large bee which swooping low and erratically over the heads of the students causes them to duck and squeal creating quite a commotion. Their teacher, a gentleman in his early 50's, beams at the class and announces:

Dec 30, 2019study
Tools for Listening Practice
Living and working in Japan will give you plenty of opportunities to hear natural Japanese spoken, but it’s always a good idea to do some focused study work to build...


Jan 30, 2020culture
All About Setsubun: The Bean-Throwing Festival

Setsubun is an annual festival celebrated widely both in private homes and public areas that at first glance seems to consist of equal parts charm and eccentricity. Can you imagine wearing a plastic devil-mask while the rest of your family gleefully pelts you with dried beans? This is a key part of the Setsubun celebration!

Jan 15, 2020culture
Seaweed, the superfood of Japan

The health benefits of eating seaweed regularly are now well known, but just as the English-speaking world is waking up to them, we are being told that the traditional diet and consumption of seaweed in Japan are “on the decline” as people turn to more “westernized” food.

Dec 24, 2019culture
Ducks, Runes, and Tired Wizards: Tabletop’s Legacy in Japanese Video Games
Before video games, there were tabletop roleplaying games. Before that, there were ‘wargames’, board games based on strategic combat, sort of like a very distant ancestor of modern X-COM, or...
Dec 10, 2019culture
An Introduction to Shrines

If you live in Japan, or you’re just visiting, you’ll probably be visiting a shinto shrine at some point, for any number of reasons (but probably sightseeing). If not, you really should. It’s a chance to see something very different from home, and beautiful as well.


Feb 13, 2020travel
Ojiya: beautiful any time of the year
Ojiya (小千谷/おぢや) is a bit of a special city to me. Even before I lived anywhere in the same prefecture, it was a family destination for several trips. A few...
Jan 22, 2020travel
Kyushu Leg One: Fukuoka, Saga, Oita
Kyushu is off the southwest tip of the main island of Honshu, and is separated from the mainland by the Kanmon Strait, a narrow strip of water you can actually...
Jan 8, 2020travel
Dining in Kyoto: A Short Guide to the Best of Kyō-ryōri – Part 2

This is the second part of our introduction to the main elements of Kyō-ryōri; the traditional cuisine of Kyoto, and the best Kyō-ryōri restaurants. In Part 1, we looked at some key ingredients such as tofu, fu, and fish. In Part 2 we will look briefly at matcha sweets, before examining some of the main styles of Kyoto cuisine from homely obanzai side dishes to high-grade kaiseki multi-course meals.

Dec 25, 2019travel
Jigokudani: Monkeys on Ice

Tourism is a funny thing, and recommending it, doubly so: A place’s name can sometimes be all the advertisement it really needs.