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Jun 30, 2020hightech
Smartphone Compatible Navigation Technology that Works Inside Buildings and Underground Malls

Navigation in Areas Beyond the Scope of GPS Signals

In the days before online map services such as Google Maps could be used on our smartphones, before heading out to a new destination, one would copy a map from a book or print out a copy of an online map from a computer.

Jun 23, 2020hightech
Introduction to Monitoring with Zabbix #5 - Actions
In the last column, we saw how triggers can be used to distinguish between normal states and problem states based on item values. Now let’s look at how to define...
Jun 16, 2020hightech
Drones Can Now Be Operated Beyond the Range of GPS Signals

Though once considered toys, drones have come to take on important roles such as transporting packages, inspecting buildings and searching for missing people. Recognized for being more manoeuvrable than automobiles, and able to easily reach places inaccessible to humans, they are now used in all sorts of industrial fields.

Jun 9, 2020hightech
Teaching of a Samurai Engineer 11: Output control functions - continued

This time, I’m going to dig into individual functions and explain them a little.
In particular, I’m going to go in depth on the ob_start () function, which is the basis of many output control functions.


Jul 3, 2020work
How to Prepare for a Japanese Job Interview: Polite Language # 1

In this article we will look at the polite language you should use in a Japanese job interview. It is important to review such language prior to your interview in order to make the best impression and avoid unintentionally impolite mistakes.

Jun 11, 2020work
Moving to Japan to Freelance
The challenges of moving to a new country to work are many, and if you add the stress of starting a new freelance career, all those can be overwhelming. However,...
May 21, 2020work
How to Prepare for a Japanese Job Interview: Typical Questions - Part 1

Taking a job interview in a second language is a challenging experience that you need to be prepared for. In this article we are going to look at some common interview questions that you are likely to be asked in a Japanese job interview.

Apr 30, 2020work
Getting Work Teaching English in Japan: A guide for the perplexed

Teaching English in Japan has long been a relatively easy gateway into living and working here. Essentially, anyone whose first language is English and has a college degree has a chance of finding a job with a company that will sponsor a visa, and usually even help find a place to live.


Jun 1, 2020life
Finding a Pastime in Japan: Four Popular Traditional Hobbies

Hobbies are important. They help to take your mind off the more stressful aspects of life (like work) and they can also give life a rich sense of purpose and achievement.


Jun 18, 2020study
How to Learn Kanji More Effectively
Japanese has a reputation for being difficult to learn for adult students, and that reputation is well-earned. For most, the problem with Japanese is the written language, rather than the...
Apr 17, 2020study
Quirks of Japanese: Further Abbreviations, and More

Last time, we started on our trip through the more obscure or unexpected twists and turns of learning Japanese (but not the harder parts; the list of kanji is that way if that’s what you want) with an overview of some abbreviations. This time, we’ll pick up where we left off with one particular example, but we’re also going to be taking a look at bits and pieces of all sorts of other things that wouldn’t fill a full article by themselves.

Mar 26, 2020study
Phrases for the Office
The road to effective Japanese fluency is a long one, and while there are no shortcuts to real mastery, a few targeted phrases can not only help you communicate more...


Jun 22, 2020culture
Sake Regional Variation
Sake is not wine, nor is it beer. It is its own thing. However, there are some ways in which these drinks, each with its own long history, are quite...
May 22, 2020culture
A Myriad Leaves: The Timeless Poems of the Man’yōshū

On May 1 st 2019 Japan entered a new official era to mark the new emperor’s ascension to the Chrysanthemum Throne. The name chosen for this era, Reiwa, uses two Chinese characters 令和 which were taken from an ancient Japanese poetry collection called the Man’yōshū.

Apr 28, 2020culture
Japanese Wedding Traditions vs. Current Practices

Traditionally the Japanese celebrate their wedding in a shrine while wearing gorgeous kimonos and following a procession led by the kannushi (Shinto priest). From the perspective of an outsider, the event looks very sober and yet imposing probably due to the humility and spirituality that emanates from it.

Apr 7, 2020culture
Kodomo no Hi: Children’s Day in Japan

Children’s Day, which is called Kodomo no Hi (こどもの日) in Japanese, is a national holiday in Japan held every year on May 5th to celebrate happy and healthy children and to express gratitude to their mothers.


Jul 1, 2020travel
Japan’s Seven Best Beaches

Japan’s beach season officially begins with umibiraki (海開き) which literally means the opening of the sea. The dates for this will differ according to region with the southernmost beaches in Okinawa often opening as early as March or April while on the four main islands of Japan it is normally in early July.

Jun 3, 2020travel
The Top Ten Dreamy Japanese Ryokan – Part 2

This is the second part of our two-part introduction to the best and most beautiful ryokan in Japan. Ryokan are a form of traditional accommodation often located in rural resort areas and set amidst beautiful natural scenery.

May 7, 2020travel
Stay at Home and Explore Japan
As we all shelter in place during the global Coronavirus pandemic, the desire to travel and experience the world likely grows stronger than ever. I know I want to get...
Apr 15, 2020travel
Ojiya: seasonal events and festivals

At some point, Ojiya decided that just the year-round attractions don’t make it interesting enough. This is very lucky for us, because that means it has a lot of seasonal events for us to go through as well.