Jun 30, 2020hightech
Smartphone Compatible Navigation Technology that Works Inside Buildings and Underground Malls

Navigation in Areas Beyond the Scope of GPS Signals

In the days before online map services such as Google Maps could be used on our smartphones, before heading out to a new destination, one would copy a map from a book or print out a copy of an online map from a computer.

Jun 9, 2020hightech
Teaching of a Samurai Engineer 11: Output control functions - continued

This time, I’m going to dig into individual functions and explain them a little.
In particular, I’m going to go in depth on the ob_start () function, which is the basis of many output control functions.

Jun 2, 2020hightech
Teaching of a Samurai Engineer 10: Output control functions, part 1
This time, we’ll be looking at the various functions relating to output control (the ob_* functions). First, let’s look at the common use case. First, by far the most common...
May 26, 2020hightech
An Unmanned Station Ramen Shop Where Robots Do Everything from Sales to Cleaning

An Attention-grabbing Ramen Shop on a Shibuya Station Platform

The food company ACECOOK has opened a pop-up ramen shop called Mocchicchi Station on a JR Yamanote Line platform at Shibuya Station which has been featured in many news stories.

May 19, 2020hightech
Introduction to Monitoring with Zabbix #4

Last time, I discussed hosts and host groups, which are used to organize items. Now let’s take a look at how triggers can be used to distinguish between normal states and problem states based on Item values.

May 12, 2020hightech
The World’s First Automated Driverless Railway Opened in Kobe in 1981

When we think of automated driving, it is self-driving cars that first spring to mind. However, in Japan, where the railway network covers the whole country, automated driverless railways have recently become a hot topic.

May 7, 2020hightech
Teaching of a Samurai Engineer 9: Cookies and sessions, part 3 (Implementation: sessions)

Last time, we looked at implementation of cookies. This time, I’ll write about implementing sessions. As I wrote in my 7 th article, ‘Cookies and sessions, part 1 ’, sessions have various implementations such that just calling them sessions broadly is confusing, so for this text, ‘session’ will refer to the use of session functions offered by PHP.