Photo for washlet
Dec 3, 2019hightech
“I’d like to buy one and take it home”: The charm of Japanese toilets

Discovering high-functioning toilets when visiting Japan

When foreign travelers are asked what impresses them about Japan, many people speak of the toilets.

Image for Exoskeletons for disabled people
Nov 11, 2019hightech
Helping the Disabled Live an Active Life with Robots & Exoskeletons
One of the many ways Japanese robotics can be a help of society today, is making the life of the elderly and disabled people easier and comfortable.
Photo for Japanese maglev train
Nov 5, 2019hightech
Speeds of 320km/h are easily experienced on the Shinkansen - By 2027 Maglev trains will run at 500km/h!

To Get Around Japan, Let’s Ride the Shinkansen

Flying is of course a convenient way to travel around the many sightseeing areas that are dotted around Japan. However, if a destination can be easily reached by train, then I recommend taking the train as you can more closely experience everyday life.

Image for comnputer security
Oct 29, 2019hightech
Complex password versus long password

Despite the growing awareness of cybersecurity (also referred to as computer security), in fact, many users still do not know enough about strong passwords. We all need strong passwords to protect our most valuable data in case of cyberattacks.

Image for PHP hash functions
Oct 22, 2019hightech
Teachings of a Samurai Engineer 5: Hash Functions and Saving/Comparing Passwords 2/1

In this column, let’s learn about hash functions as a prelude to learning about ways to save and compare passwords.

First, I’ll discuss hashing.

Teachings of a Samurai Engineer 4: Email Authentication Using Tokens
Oct 15, 2019hightech
Teachings of a Samurai Engineer 4: Email Authentication Using Tokens

In the last column, we used the combination of the functions random_bytes() and [bin2hex|base64_encode]() to create tokens. What are tokens used for?

Ruby on rails market photo
Oct 8, 2019hightech
Japan's IT Career Change Market: The Ruby Promised Land. Changes in trends in Ruby and Ruby on Rails in Japan

My name is Tadashi Yoshimasa. Japan is, of course, the homeland of Yukihiro Matsumoto, the creator of Ruby, and now Japan might just be the Ruby holy land.