Apr 7, 2020hightech
Teaching of a Samurai Engineer 8: Cookies and Sessions, part 2 (Implementation: Cookies)
Teaching of a Samurai Engineer 8:  Cookies and Sessions, part 2 (Implementation: Cookies) Last time, we mostly looked at the difference between cookies and sessions (relating to PHP-provided sessions. This...
Mar 17, 2020hightech
Introduction to Monitoring with Zabbix #3 - Hosts and host groups

In the last column, I explained open-source consolidated monitoring system Zabbix’s external and internal monitoring functions and its other monitoring functions. In this installment, we’ll look at hosts and host groups, which contain monitoring items.

Mar 10, 2020hightech
Opening in Spring 2020 Takanawa Gateway Station is a Proving Ground for the Latest Technology
A new station as a proving ground for the latest technology The Yamanote Line encircles central Tokyo, connecting many commercial and business districts, and it could well be one of...
Mar 3, 2020hightech
Introduction to Monitoring with Zabbix #2

In the last column, I gave an overview of Zabbix, an open-source consolidated monitoring system. In this installment, I’ll explain Zabbix’s internal monitoring functions and other monitoring functions.

Feb 25, 2020hightech
Have you ever seen a curved escalator?
Japanese manufacturers active in the escalator marketJp> In a previous article on elevator technology I introduced the three Japanese companies behind the top 3 fastest elevators in the world Hitachi...
Feb 18, 2020hightech
Teachings of a Samurai Engineer 7: Cookies and sessions, part 1
This time, I’d like to talk a bit about cookies and sessions, two functions that look quite similar at a glance. First, let’s go over the basics on HTTP communication....
Feb 11, 2020hightech
Japan’s manufacturers dominate the world’s top 3 ranking of ultrafast elevators with maximum speeds of 1260m/min!
The world’s top 3 fastest elevators are made in Japan With the ongoing development of construction engineering, more and more high-rise buildings are being built around the world.Such buildings are...