Jul 27, 2021hightech
PHP Now Highest Demand Programming Language in Japan

Hello, Yoshimasa here.

The world is still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Japan still has not gotten it under grips. The yearlong battle with the coronavirus has led to enormous changes in Japan’s way of doing business.

Jun 21, 2021hightech
Python Jobs Increasing Despite the Pandemic

Hello, Yoshimasa here. Python demand continues to grow globally. The language was first released over twenty years ago, and ever since engineers have been using it worldwide, helping to increase the number of available libraries and adding to its ease of use and productivity. At the same time, there is a sense that Japan lagged behind a little in adopting Python.

Apr 27, 2021hightech
Developers Summit 2021: A Report from One of Japan’s Largest IT Engineer Events

Hello, Yoshimasa here. Developers Summit2021, Japan’s largest IT engineer event, was held on February 19, 2021. I was a speaker at the conference. In a normal year, we would have reserved a large hotel and had talented, prominent speakers in the field offering a look at the latest tech of the season.

Apr 20, 2021hightech
How to Secure Remote Access for Employees

One of the common practices for granting remote access is through VPN, however, it affects the speed of the connection.
Even though most companies add bandwidth to their network to tackle the issue, remote workers still have to face slower access to the systems.

Apr 7, 2021hightech
Sony’s latest ventures show Sony at its best: the VISION-S electric car and a professional video drone
What kind of company do you consider Sony to be? What is your impression of the company Sony? Since the portable music player genre was created with the WALKMAN, many...
Mar 25, 2021hightech
Introducing the Python 3 Certified Engineer Basic Examination

Hello, Yoshimasa here. The Python Engineer Certification Exam I and my coworkers run has been taken by over 10,000 students in the past three years, and is on track to be taken by another 10,000 in its fourth year.

Mar 15, 2021hightech
How to Minimize Insider Threats in 5 steps

When it comes to protecting sensitive information from cyber-attacks, often external threats come first in mind, while the risk of insider threats is still rather underestimated.