Nov 18, 2019study
Business Japanese: Answering the Phone - Part 1

If you work in a Japanese company, at some point a telephone is going to ring in your vicinity. Being able to answer it in a professional and competent manner will both impress your colleagues and help you feel like one of the team.

Nov 4, 2019study
How Japanese leaves out the subject in conversation

Japanese conversation has the added benefit of making it difficult to eavesdrop on peoples’ conversations and understand immediately what they’re talking about. Japanese people can listen to a conversation, but without the background knowledge, even they might struggle to work out what it’s about if the speakers are being careful not to mention the subject of their conversation.

Oct 21, 2019study
Cushion Words: Useful Japanese Expressions for Introducing Awkward Topics

The Japanese language has many useful expressions that can be used to make otherwise awkward topics less blunt. In Japanese these are called クッション言葉 (kusshon kotoba) which literally means "cushion words".

Oct 16, 2019study
How to make learning Japanese easier, rather than harder

In the beginning, most language learners are likely to have just a few hours of regular practice each week and will continue to use the majority language of their home region in daily life, such as for study, work and socializing.

Oct 7, 2019study
Finding Your Niche

Learning Japanese on your own is at heart a question of motivation. Maintaining that motivation is the primary key to success, and one powerful way is to find some element of the culture that will give you a payoff: something that you flat out like.

Sep 23, 2019study
Improve Your Pronunciation with Japanese Tongue-Twisters

Tongue-twisters, those amusing expressions so artfully designed for maximum difficulty, are perfect for practicing pronunciation.

Sep 9, 2019study
Focused Reading for Language Study

Language is a complex thing involving many processes, and learning a second (or third, or fourth...) language as an adult means balancing your need for fast acquisition with the demands for appropriate, accurate language use.

Aug 19, 2019study
How to Study Kanji - Part 2
This is Part 2 of a two-part a...
Aug 5, 2019study
Studying Japanese Through Manga: An Interview with Kumar Sivasubramanian – Part 2

This is the second part of an interview with professional manga translator, Kumar Sivasubramanian. In this part, our writer, Michael Lambe, asks Kumar why manga is such a great study resource and which titles he recommends.