Sep 18, 2019travel
Autumn Leaves and You

If I wrote this ten years ago, most people outside Japan would have (at least in my experience) been under the impression that spring is the only time to go and look at trees, and even then, just the cherry trees.

Sep 4, 2019travel
Nara: City of Temples - Part 2

Suppose I've convinced you in the last bit, and you're now in Nara. Wonderful, I'm glad you could make it. Why don't we go through some of the attractions together? Only some, because it's a massive list, but this should give you an idea.

Sep 3, 2019travel
Autumn Leaf Illuminations in Kyoto
Kyoto is famous for the exceptional beauty of its autumn foliage. Certainly, viewing the bright tapestry of crimson and gold in such a gorgeous historical setting is an unforgettable experience....
Aug 30, 2019travel
Traveling in Japan: A Few Useful Aids

Sooner or later, you will want to travel, and hit the limit of what a few online articles can tell you; doubly so when most of mine, at least, is just telling you about all sorts of nice places that you should definitely go to some time

Aug 16, 2019travel
Nara: City of Temples - Part 1

Quite possibly the most common conversation I have with friends and family planning trips through Japan (right after 'please base as few assumptions on cartoons as possible), is that they shouldn't give Nara a visit, instead of a total focus on Kyoto.

Aug 2, 2019travel
Shimane: Myth and Mountains
Shimane, just to the northeast of Yamaguchi prefecture along the Sea of Japan coast, is in many ways the spiritual heart of Japan. Mentions of it first appear in the...
Jul 31, 2019travel
Tottori - The Top of Chugoku

The five prefectures at the western tip of Honshu-Tottori, Shimane, Hiroshima, Okayama, and Yamaguchi-are collectively known as the Chugoku Region, and Tottori is the northernmost, and easternmost, of those five.

Jul 30, 2019travel
Welcome to Itoigawa: Part 2

Last time, we stopped our tour of Itoigawa at the coast, with fireworks, islands, piles of seafood, and the biggest mochi mortar in the country (probably because the rest of the country quite sensibly decided not to compete, but you never know).

Jul 29, 2019travel
Welcome to Itoigawa: Part 1

The Japanese countryside is full of hidden gems, something that's frustrated me since I was roughly twelve years old (I was a very strange child).